Compilation of Spoilers for GOT Episodes 4-5-6 [SPOILER WARNING]

Note: A lot of people are getting too upset/angry in the comments but this was highly requested by the users so why I compiled it. To be clear, these are leaks that could be true and each are cited individually. But people like Summaries so there are two. (A) has sources more likely to be true and (B) has poorly vetted there is one. Believe all, some, or none of the content but it for you to decide.

  • Update 1: (May 5th) We were 100% right about Episode 4 and both summaries were correct. The spoiler summary has been updated to just spoilers for episodes 5 and 6. Sources citations and summaries remain unchanged.
  • Update 2: (May 9th) Part 3 entirely re-worked. It was a re-posted source, not the original. Original adds ending to series and omitted parts about Sansa/Tyrion. Two sources added on bottom not part of the Summary. (“Spanish Leaks” and “Cleganebowl”) Don’t meet our standards. But the Cleganebowl screenshots match the new info in Part 3.


(I did a quick summary below with all the sources. Excluded were sources that did not have predictions occur in the first 3 episodes. Part 3 is the most elaborate and also the sketchiest so take it with a grain of salt.)

People have had very strong reactions to how the season likely ends. Last chance….

Dany’s army will capture Jaime. Tyrion ask her to show mercy, Dany refuses. (likely when Tyrion tries to resign as Hand) Tyrion frees Jaime and try to get Cersei out of the city. Dany has Vary’s executed (burned alive) and Dany assaults Kings landing in a one sided fight. The ramparts where Cersei and Missandei stood are burned open and green pyrotechnics used so likely Wildfire.

Lannister soldiers begin to surrender but the surrender bells “break” Dany. (bells might just be the climax of a building moment of anger/tension for Dany.) Grey worm lets his anger get the best of him, throws a spear at a surrendered soldier and starts a riot. Jon tries to stop Dany and Grey Worm (staredown with Grey Worm) but Lannisters start attacking again and Jon is forced to resume fighting. Drogon burns Kings landing and Euron’s fleet (Cleganebowl, Mountain gets helmet knocked off and Hound tackles him off a ledge. Both land in fire and burn to death.) Jaime fights Euron and kills him but is mortally wounded in exchange. Jame makes it to Cersei to take her out of the city. Cersei has a speech about wanting the baby to survive, Jaime says the baby doesn’t matter, just them.and they die together.

Dany starts executing everyone in Kings landing (Tyrion and Jon are upset) Dany has Tyrion arrested for freeing his brother. (his trial is supposed to have neither Dany or Jon present) Tyrion tries to convince Jon to turn on Dany. His family will never be safe because it threatens Dany’s legitimacy. Jon tries to talk to Dany but she ignores him thinking she is justified. Jon pledges himself to Dany, then stabs her, and surrenders himself.

>!Here is a major divide with the leaks. Is it a trial (Friki) or a King’s Council (throwaway5873421)! Friki doesn’t witness Tyrion’s death but is very confident about it. Throwaway<

  • Ending 1: Tyrion’s Trial: Tyrion’s trial in the dragonpit is a major scene and has no Jon, Dany, or dragons. Sir Davos is present not wearing the Hand of the King pin along with all 3 stark children. Samwell Tarly, Brienne, Robyn Aryn, Grey Worm, an unknown man wearing golden clothes (likely Dornish), and another unidentified man (n older short bearded one dressed in green) will be there as well. Bran will flash back to season 1 where Tyrion Lannister told Catelyn Stark, “I never bet against my family”. Tyrion is filled with anger and resentment against the people of Kings Landing because he saved them against Stannis and they still turned on him. Thinks people of King’s Landing deserved it. He saved them and were ungrateful (trial of Joffrey’s murder) Will fall to his knees in the middle of the speech dragged down by the weight of his actions. His death was filmed in studio so not sure how he dies.
  • Ending 2: King’s Council: A council gets formed to decide who the King should be. Tyrion gives a speech and everyone votes on Bran to become King. The end. In the Epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. Arya leaves. Sansa rules the North. Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn.

To be clear, I don’t like the additional ending information but that’s not the purpose of the post. The purpose of the post is just to accumulate the best knowledge based on sources and see where it leads us.

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Spoiler Sources Below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Part 1 (Confirmed some 8×03 and 8×04 plot points)

This was from 9 months ago and they were right about the Dragon breathing blue fire coming out of it’s neck and Jon having to fight it.

  • The Mountain kills Missandae by beheading.
  • Jon Snow finally sees Arya after they reach the Iron Throne in Kings Landing
  • Daenaerys speech infuriates people and Tyrion tries to resign as hand of the Queen. (throws pin on the ground)
  • Danaerys dies and they believe Jon to be the one to stab her in the throne room and as she is dying she goes to touch the throne. The (presumably last) dragon flies away with her body.

Part 2 (Confirmed 8×03 plot points)

This was from 4 months ago.

They nailed a lot in Episode 3 so this is not a fake but they had little to offer for upcoming episodes.

  • It is once again confirmed Dany is killed by Jon Snow.
  • They heard by word of mouth that Dany died from a friend on another set but all accounts point to Dany dying.

Part 3 (Nailed 8×03 5 months in advance and 8×04 a week early)

(Thanks to /u/KaySen762 who sleuthed it out over on /r/freefolknews in this comment. Further Q&A can be found in this post)

So originally I was referred to an industry forum with this information. That wasn’t the real source and they modified the very end with their own theory (or combined it with another). There is nothing about Sansa scheming with, or against, Tyrion. The real user is /u/throwaway5873421 who has since deleted their account. (Here are the screenshots) The big thing is they conflict on is whether Tyrion dies or not. (Part 4 claims Tyrion dies) The death was not filmed but Friki was very confident of this. Could be two endings? Don’t know.

  • Euron’s fleet takes down Rhaegal.
  • Jaime betrays the North. Missandei is captured.
  • Dany’s army captures Jaime. Brienne tries to talk to him but he refuses.
  • Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon’s lineage. Tyrion tells Varys.
  • Varys betrays Dany because he thinks Jon would be a better ruler.
  • Cersei has Missandei executed.
  • Dany has Varys executed. Dany assaults King’s Landing and it’s one-sided as hell.
  • Tyrion begs her to show mercy but she refuses.
  • Tyrion frees Jaime to try to get Cersei out of the city.
  • King’s Landing gets wrecked in the battle. Drogon burns Euron’s fleet.
  • The Hound fights his brother. They both die.
  • Jaime fights Euron and kills him, but Jaime is mortally wounded.
  • Jaime makes it to Cersei and they die together.
  • Dany is executing everyone in King’s Landing. Jon and Tyrion are upset.
  • Dany has Tyrion arrested to be executed for freeing Jaime.
  • Tyrion tries to convince Jon that his family will never be safe because his lineage makes him a threat to Dany’s rule.
  • Jon tries to talk to Dany but she justifies her actions.
  • Jon pledges himself to Dany but then stabs her, then surrenders himself.
  • A council gets formed to decide who the King should be. Tyrion gives a speech and everyone votes on Bran to become King. The end.
  • In the epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. Arya leaves. Sansa rules the North. Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn.
  • From the Q&A: Jaime fights Euron and Euron dies. Tyrion is arrested to be put on trial, not just killed. Jon definitely takes the black and returns North. Seems King Bran has a part in that decision. Jaime shows up to get Cersei out of the city, she has a speech about just wanting the baby to survive. Jaime says the baby never mattered, just them and that’s when they die together. Mountain gets his helmet knocked off and looks dumb. Hound tackles him off a ledge and both land in a fire and burn to death.

Part 4 (Long time leaker, right up to 8×01, wrong about who killed NK. Got threatened by HBO and Youtube wrongful copyright strikes for spoilers)

These are the Friki leaks from 7 months ago. (English Video 1 from September 2018 & Part 2 follow up from Sept 2018.)

Friki nailed 8×01 scene for scene and was wrong on who killed the Night King and how many episodes Jaime appeared in (it was more of a guess based on contract pay). But he has repeatedly been an excellent source for past season and Night King was his first mistake.

  • The treason/betrayal scene will be revealed with 5 characters involved: Jon, Sansa, Dany, Arya, and Tyrion.
  • Tyrions trial in the dragonpit is the most important plot twist and took 5 days to film. Jon and Dany were not present.
  • Tyrion is supposed to die, most shocking, and most important part of the plot twist in the season. and this is part of bittersweet ending. He doesn’t know what Tyrion did to put him on trial.
  • It was filmed by “Wolf” unit which does all the Stark and Northern scenes in Belfast. (“Dragon” unit does all the Southern and Daenary’s scenes)
  • Fake action scene between Unsullied and Lannister soldiers in the dragon pit as misdirection. Meant to deceive us and the action scene was never filmed. No stuntmen, green screens, props, or walker extras were used in the dragonpit (so no dragons) It is an intimate and clean scene. No CGI. There will be some snow but most has melted meaning Winter is over when Tyrion is being judged.
  • Sir Davos is not wearing the Hand of the King pin and overseeing the trial alongside Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, and Brann Stark. Samwell Tarly will be there and becomes Branns best friend. Brienne of Tarth will be there and even Robyn Aryn alive and present. Grey Worm will also be present.
  • Two new characters will be there. A man wearing golden clothes (likely a Dornishman) and an older short bearded one dressed in green.
  • A few days later a fan translation said that Friki confirmed Yara was filmed there.
  • Brann Stark will use a “Jedi Mind trick” and take us back to the first Season. Like with Littlefinger. Recall something Tyrion said to Catelyn Stark when she had him a prisoner and riding to see her sister. One sentence/quote: “I never bet against my family“. Once a Lannister, always a Lannister.
  • Tyrion will say the people of King’s Landing deserve it. Full of anger/resentment because he saved them and they discarded him(remember trial for Joffreys murder) In the middle of his speech he will fall down on his knees dragged down by the weight of his actions and there is no “trial by combat” escape. (Tommen forbid them)
  • Does not know how Tyrion dies. His death was filmed in studio, not Seville.
  • Gendry and Jaime Lannnister did not film in these scenes. He thinks Jaime will die around episode 4, or only appear in 4 films, based on contract pay.
  • Kit Harrington’s body double was sent to Seville and did nothing as a red herring. As well as Cersie, Jacquen Hagar, Yohn Royce of the Veil and this name I couldn’t understand pronunciation (it was “the Waif”). All did nothing and were meant to deceive.
  • Rumor While they are judging Tyrion, Winterfell is being reconstructed.

Part 5 (Another Spoiler group. Rarely wrong and the user has a good track record for spoilers)

Part A. Walking Dead spoiler group vouches for someone leaking GOT.

  • Something happens to make the Unsullied go bat shit crazy. They rampage kill men, women, and children. Might be related to Missandei.
  • Tyrion is arrested on Dany’s command but does not know his fate at this point. Though he wasn’t seen again after this event from the source.
  • Cersei does die. Was not told if it was by Arya or if it’s Arya disguised as Jamie when asked.
  • Dany turns evil and that the actual ending is bittersweet.
  • When asked if Jon kills Dany and the Iron Throne is destroyed. Source said that it was the closest anyone has guessed.
  • Source asked what will happen to Bronn? It was suggested that he’d play a pertinent role.

Part B: Walking Dead Spoiler Group

  • Kings Landing is devastated by the attack. The ramparts that were on either side of Cersei and Missandei are burnt to a crisp.
  • Cleganebowl happens, but source does not know the outcome.
  • Source hinted that Jaime might kill Euron.
  • Pyrotechnics team tested fuel that glowed green. So wildfire is perhaps coming back into play?

Part 6 (Screenshot from 8×04 trailer)

Dorne and House Dalt appear to be taking part in fight for Kings Landing.

(In hindsight, the yellow chips were the Golden Company) There is mention of a new Dornish prince and he might appear in Episode 6 according to Friki leaks (yellow clothed man)

Part 7 (user has good history calling plot points)
  • From gotit1111, “Missandei gets her head cut off execution style and Gold Company takes out on of Dany’s dragons.” For those who don’t know who this user is; He gave us details of the first 2 episodes of season 7 a week before they aired. Before friki.
    • Pre-Episode 05 Part A – “So got some info. Looks like it confirms some of the leaks mentioned above. Varys dies next episode (Dany burns him alive), Dany and Unsullied fuck up kings landing and they begin to surrender but the surrender bells that sound off in a tower literally “break” Dany mentally and she goes pure mad targaryan. It sounds like it is setting up Jon and Grey Worm confrontation. Grey Worm also lets his anger get the better of him as Lannister troops surrender he says fuck it and throws a spear at a soldier which starts a crazy riot where Dany’s army starts raping and pillaging everyone. Jon is like wtf apparantly but gets caught up in the battle to really do anything (lannisters start attacking again). There was a leak I read earlier I’ll try and find it because what my source was telling me was very similiar to that leak and they more or less confirmed everything in that leak 100% true.”
    • Pre-Episode 05 Part B – “Yeah i think Unsullied are just indiscriminately killing (women and children) and Dothraki go on a rape rampage. Source didnt get specific but I dont see Unsullied doing any penetrating except with an actual spear. Cleganebowl happens this episode (5) and they do both die. Grey Worm and Jon have a big stare down and Grey Worm thinks Jon is gonna start killing Unsullied so hes like waiting for Jon to turn on Dany so he can kill him but a Lannister soldier distracts Jon instead. Source says they are heavily saying Dany is going mad so I would put some weight to the leaks saying Jon kills Dany. I mentioned that to the source and they just said “Oh yeah definitely leading up to that” so take that for what it is. No mention of Arya unfortunately, she must be more for episode 6? Not sure. Honestly when they told me “bells make her snap” my jaw hit the floor. Im personally not liking these and the more silly ones (Bran becoming the king) have a very real possibility of being legit imo. Hopefully the execution is better.”

Spoilers We Haven’t Used (But are watching)

These spoilers are excluded from the Summaries because they don’t meet the leak standards of this subreddit. Namely, does it come from a reliable source who has been correct in the past or have they predicted past episodes before.

  • Parts 1,2,4,7 all had parts confirmed in prior episodes which is why they were used.
  • Part 3,5 were a referral from someone who routinely finds good leaks and has a track record
  • Part 6 was a screenshot in a trailer.

1. “Spanish Spoilers

These have gained a lot of traction because of their detail and basically state that Dany won’t go crazy in Episode 5. They don’t have anything in Episode 6 (yet) so if and when they are right about Episode 5 we would use them for Episode 6. However, there is nothing to corroborate them so they are excluded from the Summary.

2. Cleganebowl Leaks

I got some private images of Cleganebowl on another platform that I won’t post because they have watermarks all over them and was asked not to. (Used as proof to validate leaks below) Basically they show them fighting in a building, The Hounds eyes are supposed to be gouged out, and there is a dagger between the eyes of The Mountain. They crash through out a building and into the fire pits below (entire city is on fire). (They are supposed to crash through a wall at some point and The Mountain no longer has a helmet and exposed chest).

As good as these leaks appear, once again, they don’t meet our Standards so they are excluded from the Summary.

  • Leaker clarified they aren’t 100% certain if Golden Company or Lannisters, thinks GC.
  • Dany first attacks the Golden company Tyrion is waiting for the bells to ring because that means Cersei has surrendered. So the bells ring and he has a look of relief that’s when Dany pretty much says fuck that and starts burning the city down
  • Right before Dany decides to fuck the city up Jon and the rest of the army meet the golden company at the center of the city. But the golden company gave in already seeing the dragon so they drop their swords cuz they don’t want no part of it and basically surrender.
  • That’s when Dany decides to start burning the city and that’s even Jon and Greyworm look at each other like wtf (no stare down). So greyworm and his troops basically kill the golden company following Danys lead. Jon basically fights his way out of the madness and the rest of the time he’s just looking around at all the chaos like “oh, this bitch is crazy”.
  • Arya arrives in King’s landing with the Hound but then they go their seperate ways. She gets caught up on all the destruction of the city and ends up helping a group of people trying to survive. Some debris falls on her and it looks like she’s dead but the very last shot of the episode is her waking up and getting on a horse and getting leaving
  • Cersie dies from the building collapsing on her. Arya won’t kill Cersie. The building is going to collapse on her and Jaime.


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