Top 15 Game of Thrones Questions and Answers !SPOILERS!

We all curios about the things are happening in Game of Thrones season 8. This will be a short Q&A. You can find an answer for your questions in this post. Enjoy!

1-Is Cercei and Jaime dead?

cerceri and jaime before die together

Yes, Cercei and Jamie died by rock under the Red Keep in dungeons.

2-Why did Daenerys burn King Landing?

Writers decided to make Daenerys “the mad queen” after she lost her best friend Missandei and Jorah. Jon said she is his queen not lover. After that, for Daenerys destroying just the enemy was not enough so she raged.

3-Who will kill Daenerys?

In leaked scripts Jon is gonna stab her.

4-What color are Daenerys eyes?

Green eyes.

green eyes

5-What did Missandei say?

She said Dracarys, means  fire and blood in Valerian.

6-Is Rhaegal really dead?

Yes, it is. By euron greyjoy with a scorpion.

7-What does dracarys mean?

Dracarys, means  fire and blood in Valerian.

8-Is Arya Azor Ahai?

No she is not. For become Azor Ahai you should sacrifice your lover with a stab in the hearth.

9-Which dragon is a White Walker?

Viserion is the ice dragon.

10-What gonna happen to JON SNOW?

In Leaked scripts Jon Snow take blacks again means he will be a brother of Night Watch again.

11- Does Arya kill Cersei?

Nope, Arya leaves to save herself when the Red Keep is going down because The Hound forces her to get out.

12-Is Jon still on Dany’s side after she burned down King’s Landing?

He looked pretty shellshocked by her decisions to ignore the bells, but he had sworn his allegiance to her many times over now and watched her burn Varys for treason.

13-  Will Daenerys become pregnant with Jon’s child/is she already?

Probably not. But there is always a chance she got pregnant earlier.

14-  What happens to Hot Pie?

The most important question! Really, if Hot Pie doesn’t live, what has this all even been about?

15- Who will be King

Bran will be King by counselors from all around seven kingdoms according to leak scripts (%100 true so far).

Bran is the new king!

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